Wednesday, January 16, 2013


As the winter is here and with any person or parent that has a child with Arthritis knows it straight out STINKS. Lately I have noticed that Ava has had problems again with her pointer fingers, and thumbs and that her hands are swollen. Her little feet are as well, I am lucky that the day care allows her to wear slippers and that I am thankful for her IEP. It was worth the battle with the school system. Even thou Ava is not up to date with her immunizations nor got the flu shot. She has been doing pretty good. Living in New England is never easy on Ava. I have noticed when she is pale like a ghost and run down she has a flare going on some where but sometimes I just can not see it. I can tell because she becomes hot to touch also she sleeps alot more. When put to bed she will ask me to put her heating mattress pad on.
  Ava has grown alot since the start of fall and she has matured alot as well. I was told by her Rheum that children like Ava become more mature faster and are more aware of her body. I have noticed before she would cry or tell me when her body hurts now she just sucks it up and will make herself get out of bed to play or just lay there and try to comfort herself. As a mother when you notice your child is in pain and there is nothing you can your baby it hurts more then anything. Then it hurts that she has had it her whole life and that remission is a long far off distance. We tell Ava that this is her life and we talk to her way she is special but that doesn't mean the world has to stop it means that she will try harder but make an even bigger difference.

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