Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Well I have been able to keep Ava off the biologicals for now. Between having fluid removed and steroids injected into the joints. The anti-inflammatories, methotrexate, anti-acids, vitamins, and zolfran. Also with PT 3x a week and OT 3x times a week have made a huge difference. Finally 2 years later off the anti- inflammatories Ava is just dealing with it now on her own. But the Methotrexate injection is getting to her every week. We deal with the task of her hidding in her closet, in the tub, in our room, under the table. So upset she hyper ventilates. The smell of alcohol wipes makes her start to gag and yes she vomits from the smell. But we get the injection done still at the very high end dose but still not have to get off it just yet.
 Ava is so afraid of Alcohol wipe smells that my father was cleaning the window with windex and the smell made her freak out and start to gag she kept asking if she was getting a needle we said no. It is just cleaner not the wipes. Every day I think what are we going to her but this is our way of life and hers.

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