Wednesday, August 15, 2012


If you don't know the definiation of a flare which is commonly used in our world of Arthritis. A "Flare" in my own words is when a part of the body or joint that has been "normal" meaning no problems all of a sudden starts to swell and heat up cause pain and irration. Making Ava tired and the rest of her body tired as well it takes a lot out on the body and the other thing is that you don't really have to have a swollen joint to be tired to be in a flare. It is always in the body and is so active that it makes her body work over time to keep her temp cool and relaxed and it makes her very tired. Ava has always been in some sort of flare and it is getting to her. She just wants to play and have fun but she is so tired and just wants to lay around on the couch in her night gown all day. There are days as a mommy I think hasn't she been threw enough when will it stop or go into remission? From her outcome now losing hearing in her left ear having her adenoids inflarred as well and now needing surgery. On top of that having the arthritits in her eyes and over this past weekend her eyes were bloody red. Thinking its an infection I get her on antibiotics and now she is cring her eyes hurt and things look funny. So the battle will go on with her. I have learn to stay calmn and don't ever let her see me get stressed and act like its no big deal. She will do the same and it makes life a lot easier. However I still hate this illness with a passion!! People think oh she doesn't look sick someone does not have to be hooked up to iv's or look like crap to be sick. I call that ignorsance and its bliss, those are the people I like to educate right there. I like to say how about you be a toddler living in pain then try to explain yourself to adults.

 I truely hope some day they find better ways and medication for children like Ava. They deserve a better life then this fill with doctor appointments and medication.

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