Monday, June 6, 2011


Team Ava is doing the Boston Arthritis walk to raise awarness for children and adults. We are going to walk 3 miles and want to raise $2,500. To help find a cure and to find better treatments for children like Ava. Please donate to our team and if you can join our team and spread the word!! "Kids get Arthritis too!!"
Please click on the link below to donate:

New Medication

For the last two weeks or so Ava has been in a flare, we realized it got worse because we dropped her dosage in her steriod. We have now added an antinflammatory Meloxicam. It seems to be working but with the crazy humidity and then the sudden cold. Has made her worn out at times and feeling run down. We recently learned during the hot humid days that she is holding on to the heat.
  It was tough getting her out of bed in the last week or so and even off the couch. I hope soon the hot days are approaching with not to much humidity.